Trauma Coaching


Trauma/PTSD Coaching

It is impossible not to experience trauma. In turn, that trauma creates deep-seated beliefs that have a negative, self-destructive impact on our lives. Trauma comes in all kinds of guises – from violence, bereavement, abandonment and bullying, and most of us experience it at some point in the first five years of our lives, so it goes into our hardwiring. It ends up affecting our decisions, our choices and our actions. Perhaps, for you, it was that first day at school when you were traumatised, feeling abandoned by your primary caregivers. Maybe you suffered a premature bereavement early in life?

The good news is that no matter the cause of your trauma, it can be excavated and dealt with by the Trauma/PTSD recovery programme. Trauma therapy needn’t involve years of effort. Working with our trauma PTSD Life Coach, in a session that’s customised to suit your precise requirements, needs and goals. If trauma from the past is messing up your present, this transformation programme will get to the nub of the problem

  • Avoid months of costly therapy going nowhere
  • Get to the heart of trauma and heal PTSD
  • Dissolve trauma with with transformative healing
  • Heal resentments and dissolve anger
  • Overcome traumatic events from childhood
  • Enhance your career, your personal life, your friendships and family relationships
  • Bring abundance and happiness into your life
  • Become your own loving parent

Trauma/PTSD Transformation Programme

Did you know that trauma incurred in the first five years of your life can have the most profound effects on your mental health, even decades later? Although you may not be consciously aware of it, it is likely to be behind some of the most stubborn problems you face today. “That’s unfair!”, you might say. “I was only a child.” And you’d be right – it isn’t at all fair that things over which you had no control are now affecting your life adversely. However, there is a solution. With trauma life coaching, you have a wonderful opportunity to travel back in time and heal the wounded child, giving him or her the love they sorely needed. As your own loving parent, you can put to rest the traumatic event(s), begin to heal and move forward in a safe, life-coaching environment. Having completed the Trauma Transformation Programme, you may find that the pattern causing you so many problems no longer affects you. Thanks to the trauma therapy of the booster session, you’ve broken free from it and your life will take on new meaning as you flourish in all the key areas, from home life to family to work.