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Welcome to Chief Awakening Kensington. This website presents qualified, insured, and fully vetted life coaches in London. Each coach has many years of experience helping people discover and live their true potential. Making changes is hard, especially by yourself, our mind can tell us we are not good enough, unworthy or undeserving. Often we find these messages playing negativity in our minds, which have been passed down the generations. With a life coach in Kensington, you will have the opportunity to spot where your saboteur is holding you back from the success and fulfillment that is your birthright

Claim the Success that is your birthright, with a Life Coach

Chief Awakening, has developed the Heroes Transformation program. A complete 360-degree transformation journey, from the head to the heart to the soul, each part of your internal landscape is given a deep clean, setting you up for unlimited power and success.  The program is not easy, but if you can handle what comes up for you in the FREE consultation, you will truly have given yourself permission to succeed.  With life coaching in Kensington, you will have access to the very best life coaches right from the safety and comfort of your own home. To enquire about the Heroes Transformation program or to book a free consultation, you can contact us here!


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