Simply Sensational!

Wow! Just came off of my first coaching session with David and was not expecting that one bit. In looking to open a new level of myself in business I thought it was worth trying it out. I really can’t even explain in words the level of understanding in myself that I have just discovered. I can see so clearly the whats and the whys of my decision making and the ability to change that seems now all of a sudden so doable. David is direct, whether you want him to or not he will break you down into pieces and picks up on absolutely everything. Sounds scary I know but it needs to happen. He is a true master and a really nice guy. I would really highly recommend anyone to speak with him. Thanks a million. Tom

Tom Young

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I went to see David in order to better deal with stress and anxiety – I suffer particularly from physical symptoms caused by this. We did a combination of EFT, life coaching and reiki that I found immediately helpful and felt the benefits for several days afterwards – I definitely plan to return for… Read more “Fantastic!”


Just what I needed

I had an online session with David yesterday. I was very stressed out because I was told my job was not safe due to what’s going on. Having a family and going straight to worst case in my mind was too much for me! I completed the session from home, I tried reiki and… Read more “Just what I needed”

Financial controller

Really good loved it

I came to David for Trauma Coaching for PTSD. I had been going to counselling for years, I was also on anti depressants, none of which really worked. I was desperate, frightened. My sleep was poor, I had constant flash backs and panic attacks and this really disturbed my quality of life and relationships.Read more “Really good loved it”

House wife

Very good

I booked David for his team building booster, having already tried his services on a personal basis. I can honestly say after the team session he did the staff were more motivated and committed to their work. They reported how fun it was also. Happy to also note an increase in overall bookings. I don’t… Read more “Very good”

Recruitment director

It was a great experience!

The Universe certainly does work in mysterious ways! Thanks to the interconnectedness of the internet, I was introduced to David and the opportunity to work with him for a 90 min life coaching session. I have no doubt that the session came at exactly the right time. It’s content ended up aligning exactly with my… Read more “It was a great experience!”

Becca Marshall
Integrative Holistic Practitioner