I absolutely Recommend!

I had a session with David on the 10th July. I must say it was absolutely amazing to work, going down to the furthest memories that were causing me trouble in my day to day life for so long. those memories were hanging there on my field since a little girl, and even me being a therapist and do so much work on myself, it was amazing the way David came through and got to the point of the emotions and the situation that I was still holding pain about and that happened on my childhood.
I must say I cried like a baby the whole session and went deeper on the truth about myself, clearing major block to recognise and hold self-worth and self-love today.
it is impressive in this line of work when we find how much of importance there is in events occurred over 10,20,30,40 years ago, that still are working on us not allowing our growth because unconsciously we still hanging on to it.
David definitely knows what he is doing, and he has such a vibrant and caring approach always looking at getting to the bottom belief that when found and taken care with EFT just take our souls to higher levels.
I absolutely recommend anyone to work with David, because it can lead you on a journey of rewarding and unexpected deep healing, and that will open so many doors for you. And he definitely knows how to get you there.
Thank you
Isabel pinho

Isabel Pinho
Energy Confederation

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It was a great experience!

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Healthcare Professional
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Five Stars for Chief Awakening!

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JP Morgan

A great great Coach!

I came to David feeling very stressed. I have a highly pressurised job which can be very overwhelming. After missing targets two months in a row and failing, to motivate my team to hit targets also, my job was on the line. David is a great coach he has a unique talent at connection and… Read more “A great great Coach!”

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