SuperSoul Serenity 

Chief Awakening Coaching

12 Module Series

Breakthrough with this highly Transformational Course

Together we will unearth, eradicate and replace your Core Belief systems holding you back. You will discover why cognitive therapies haven’t worked for you.  We deal primarily with the soul, where ruptures in the soul have occurred  over time from traumatic events in your early childhood and later years.

These events leave scars and manifest in everything from poor relationships, finance and stifled growth. Yes my friend, we will travel within, to the dark caves of the soul, where pain, depression and misery thrive. By working through the jungle of the mind, finding peace and

quiet, a warm soft light of positive healing energy, will fill these dark caves of the soul with love, hope and joy, bringing forth a magnificent, Successful human being that is your birthright!

This 12 module course of divine healing and love, using years of experience and tried and tested techniques. You will not find another life changing course like it anywhere!

David Loughlin

David Loughlin – BBS Hons, Dip NLP, EFT 

Course Co-ordinator

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