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Relationship Coaching

Much of our Intimacy, Relationship and sex problems stem from the relationship between us and our parents, or the relationship that our parents had between themselves. We form beliefs about intimacy, sex and relationships in our formative years as children.

heartsThe messages you overheard as a young child, from those around you, often become stored in our Subconscious mind, so in a way, much of the issues you are experiencing today are simply manifestations of outdated, faulty beliefs developed in Child

Relationship Coach

My work with you in our one to one life coaching session, will involve uncovering, unearthing and eradication of these foolish and outdated beliefs. Healthy, positive beliefs will then be imprinted on your subconscious mind. Often what follows is an evaporation of unhealthy relationship patterns, sexual dysfunction and a resulting overall improvement in the areas of Sex, Love and Relationships.

Relationship coaching will help you:

  • Overcome false beliefs about intimacy and relationships
  • Heal any relationship or sexual abuse trauma
  • Attract healthy and fulfilling relationships
  • Replace negative, self-hating ideas with healthy, realistic, self-loving ones
  • Enhance the relationship with yourself and others
  • Avoid months of sometimes expensive therapy and coaching
  • Embrace intimacy rather than fearing¬†
  • Create an internal landscape for attracting your soulmate

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