Love Coach

Love Coach

Love & Relationships Booster

Your Chief Awakening relationship coach can dramatically overhaul your whole attitude to love and the quest for a soulmate.

With the Love and Relationships Booster, you will ;

  • Discover where you’re unwittingly causing problems
  • Get you to a place where you’re ready for a soulmate
  • Change your inner world, so that you radiate attraction, not repulsion
  • Deal effectively with damage incurred in childhood of which you may not have been fully aware
  • Replace negative, self-hating ideas with healthy, realistic, self-loving ones
  • Quickly enhance your current relationship
  • Save you years of expensive therapy with fast-track relationship coaching
  • Receive coaching from other love coaches in our network




Attracting Your Soulmate

Do you dream of a soulmate; someone with whom to forge a happy partnership for the rest of your life? Have you been on a succession of soul-sapping dates that lead nowhere? It’s true that relationships aren’t easy to find or maintain. A lot of that is because we focus on our ideas about the other person, instead of seeing what needs changing within ourselves. With the


Love and Relationships Booster Session


You and I will go back to the first five years of your life. It’s only by discovering their self-limiting beliefs and dysfunctional ideas that a person can make the necessary adjustments and become ready for a healthy relationship with a soulmate. In a safe, life-coach setting, we will conduct a chronological survey of your formative years and see just where you’re getting in your own way and blocking the love from coming through. Not only will this process benefit your love life if you’re single, it will also help you if you’re already in a relationship, by weeding out the destructive impulses that could jeopardise your ongoing happiness. Relationships require the different complexities of two people to be in harmony. Only then can music be made.