Rapid Response Therapy


What is Rapid Response therapy (RRT)?

Rapid Response Therapy (RRT) deals with un-resolved incidents or faulty beliefs experienced in our first seven years of life. These are our formative years as children, where much of what we see and hear from the adults around us, becomes gospel. As we grow into adulthood we discover much of our problems are simply mirrors of  unresolved issues from early in our life. Working with an RRT life coach, you will be able to source, delete and replace the root cause of your chronic problem, resulting in its eradication or at the very least, the power it has over you and your life.

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Avoid months of expensive therapy & psychiatry

There is a common belief among society that the brain is super complicated requiring months of expensive therapy or psychiatry. Our proven method has resulted in clients resolving their chronic physical, mental or emotional conditions in sometimes as little as one session.

How does RRT life coaching work?

Our one to one coaching sessions involve smart detective work to source the root cause of your Physical, mental or life problem. This is normally, but not always originating in your childhood years. We call this your blind spot, because it has remained hidden in your sub-concious mind and unbeknownst to you,  been the driving force behind much of your problems. Once the source of your problem has been identified, new age EFT and hypnotic therapies are introduced to delete and replace the emotional elements behind your condition. Our clients have reported Rapid transformations in their health, relationships and finances.

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