Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings

A psychic is a person who possesses extrasensory perception, otherwise known as a sixth sense, in my case it normally involves telepathy or clairvoyance in ways that are not explained by regular science. It can be helpful in assisting the client in finding answers to questions or issues in their lives and presented in the session. A regular psychic session can contain tarot card, telepathic, clairvoyant, or mediumship readings, that is communicating messages as the “middle man” from the clients spirit or deceased guides. 

A psychic can be helpful in predicting love, romantic, financial, missing persons, lost items and other areas of concern to which the conventional world has failed to provide any clear prediction or pathway for you. The benefits of a psychic reading London are a sense of ease, comfort and oftentimes complete awe at the information which comes up in the session, information that would only be relevant to you! 

Telepathy describes the ability of the psychic to hear and communicate across the Ether, either with other persons with similar gifts or deceased persons or spirit guides, clairvoyance pertains to the ability to see events past, present and future, even geo-locating and in some cases predicting names. Normally the information is only provided to the psychic if you are ready to hear it or if its for your highest good, it wouldn’t place you in a situation that would warrant creating any further difficulty for yourself.  

Paranormal readings are an exciting method, not commonly used here in the UK, that provide awe inspiring psychic results to matters and questions of mostly an abstract nature. 

 I do not offer any psychic reading regarding health or legal matters. I do however offer healing hands psychic therapy for any disease or ailment. for more information pertaining to this, please visit the home page.

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