Physical Health Coach


Physical Health Coaching

These  session deals with all physical ailments, chronic pain and diseases, which might be causing you discomfort, such as:

Chronic physical pain, period pain, Cancer pain, IBS, Joint and muscular pain, Arthritis, Migraines, Emotional pain.

Whilst working with clients, It was very apparent that much of the Chronic physical conditions experienced, were rooted in early childhood beliefs or events. Often clients reported a complete recovery from Physical pain and distress, which modern medicine had only treated the presented condition and not the source. Clients experiencing chronic conditions due to recent accidents can also greatly benefit from Rapid Response therapy (RRT)

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The majority of my clients regularly identified hearing messages from their elders in their junior years, such as “you’re a pain in the neck”, “Sit up and stop slouching”, “It’s all your fault” or faulty, third party messages such as, “This Job is doing my head in”, “My back is broken with the stress” and so the list goes on! If you were someone who heard these messages as a child, then it’s worth investigating with my help, whether that chronic pain or emotional condition, you are having trouble with could simply be a physical manifestation of an internally held belief in your sub conscious mind,  developed in Childhood.

Often what follows is a complete eradication of the Chronic Condition, or at the very least a decrease in its discomfort. Allowing you to get on and live your life, without it having a hold on you.

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