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Chief Harold – Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool that can make long lasting and effective changes very quickly. It has changed my life and I have dedicated my life to helping others transform their lives. I came from a scientific background having a Bsc (HONS) in Biomedical science from The University of
Kent in the UK. After finding a life-changing book my journey into Clinical Hypnosis began.

I am trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy having a Practitioner Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy from The London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy (LCCH International). After my efforts with the college, I am now a Lecturer for
the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy where I teach Hypnotherapy and run personal masterclasses on various subjects for aspiring students.
Hypnotherapy is extremely effective for overcoming phobias/fears, anxieties, depression, addiction, insomnia, obsession, overthinking, traumas and much more. It is a versatile tool because it can also be used to empower, create confidence, improve memory and learning, increase self-love and creativity, improve focus and more. For this reason, I not only work with Clients who want to alleviate their problem but also CEO’s and leaders to attain their goals.
My interest in the mind eventually led me to the serious practice of meditation, yoga and esoteric practices from the east and west. Having learnt from many teaches from different parts of the world, the work I do also incorporates these powerful tools and processes which have empowered humanity
for millennia. Some of these practices include Pranic Healing which is an eastern form of healing which is renowned for being able to treat psychological and physical ailments by working with the human bio-electric field
(Energy body- Chakras/Nadis or Meridians).
My deeper study into the esoteric roots of Hypnosis lead me to discover the fascinating world of Hermetics and through during my journey into the Ancient Egyptian system I met two teachers who trained me in the art of Mesmerism/Magnetism. This knowledge has taken my life and therapeutic work onto a whole new paradigm. Healing takes place on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Combining all these skills, tools, knowledge, and methods I now have dedicated myself to teaching ancient systems of spiritual and self-development alongside providing powerful and effective therapy to
all my clients. The knowledge and practices I teach in my courses are everything that I have learnt on my journey and it
includes the sciences of Hypnosis, creating reality, manifesting your dreams using the elements (fire, air, water and earth), Personal Magnetism (Developing conscious charisma) and more. We have the power to change ourselves, we have the power to heal our ailments and we have the
power to live the life of our dreams.

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