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Gay Life Coaching London

How would you like to live your very best life?  Looking after our mental and spiritual health in these days can be difficult. With the help of your gay life coach DAVID, you will gain greater clarity and focus. You will discover the areas of your life that have been holding you back, making you feel less than and not good enough. Working with your gay life coaching you will discover tools and techniques to banish shame and guilt surrounding your sexuality, learning to love and truly accept yourself. I will help you obtain clarity and confidence to find a loving relationship, new career or greater financial freedom, whilst also working out and clearing any negative beliefs or traumas hindering your success.

The Gay life coaching session will help you;

  • Love and accept yourself, increase self-esteem, clarity and focus.
  •  Attract a loving healthy relationship with yourself and others. 
  • Find greater happiness and contentment
  • Discover your unique talents, harnessing them for optimum success.
  • Attract a new career, utilizing all your talents, skills, and creativity.
  • Heal old wounds and recover from past traumas.
  • Love and accept your sexuality

Gay Massage including Tantra can lead to a healthy relationship with Sex

Do you struggle with intimacy and love, especially with other gay men? Drugs and alcohol are common place on the gay scene, so too is Gay shame. I can help you achieve  greater confidence and love for yourself but first and foremost, it’s important perhaps to mention that we are not defined by our sexuality, it exists on a spectrum. I have found the gay massage services of Tantric Euphoria agency in London to be instrumental in overcoming and healing spiritual gay shame. Tantric massage can be a very valuable tool to enjoy, operating in a safe and discreet environment in which you can explore intimacy with a qualified tantra professional. The massage is carried out nude, normally from a massage table or bed. Relaxing spa like music is played, along with candles and heated room. The Tantric massage therapist is trained to work with men of all orientations, so it does not matter whether you are gay, bisexual, straight identifying or anywhere in between, the London gay massage therapist can assist you in banishing shame. body dysmorphia, or any other ailment related to, to put it simply, Intimacy with Gay men, try it once to be trusted and believed. Rates for a one hour Male tantric massage start at £150 and are located mainly in private residences in London, Zone one.

Reiki Healing and Deep tissue and Swedish massage Combination

Deep tissue or Swedish massage with pressure tailored to your exact requirements can assist in the relief of physical tension, pain and discomfort. When combined with Chakra Reiki healing energy, it can offer a spiritual and energy healing method which results in a calm and relaxed physique, coupled with a clean, revived and refreshed energy field. Reiki has been known to heal a wide range of ailments including depression, anxiety and PTSD. It works by placing hands in certain positions of the body where the Chakra’s are located. The chakras,  (otherwise known as our energy fields), become blocked and clogged with negative, stale energy, accumulated through a life lived in Stress, hurt or depression. Clients have reported feelings of walking on a cloud for days after the appointment.

How to book a Male Massage including Reiki Healing Energy

The Reiki Deep tissue combination massage costs £150 and last for 90 minutes. If you have not experience this blissful experience contact me now on 07874294524 with a private studio and massage table in comfy NINE ELMS London




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