What is Chief Awakening?

Chief Awakening is a health and wellbeing agency. We list Qualified, Insured, and well-reviewed life Coaching and well-being professionals. Each professional has helped many people overcome obstacles in their lives in the areas of Career, Money, Love, and Relationships, Addiction, PTSD/Trauma. We help clients make positive changes in their lives and gain greater clarity, happiness, and success.

How does it work?

Simply click on “the team” to view our life coaches, browse their profile and check their reviews. We offer a free 30-minute Zoom consultation with your chosen coach, so you can find out how they can help you and if they might be the right fit for you. There is no obligation as a result of this consultation on your part.

Which areas do you cover?

Our life coaching team conduct their sessions with clients online on Zoom, Skype, Telephone, or in person, when restrictions allow. So in this vein, we cover worldwide, so you can be based anywhere and make positive life changes right from the comfort and safety of your own home.

What is Rapid Response therapy (RRT)?

Rapid Response therapy or RRT, is a revolutionary fast-acting, non-invasive therapy, which involves some very smart, detective work to unearth and remove the root cause of your persistent problem. So whether it is poor relationships or finance, past traumas or abuse, mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, it can be quickly overcome, by eliminating and eradicating the root cause of this issue, which we have found, has developed in the first five years of life and is continuing to manifest itself in the condition you are experiencing today.

What is EFT Tapping therapy?

EFT or Emotional Freedom technique is a therapeutic counseling technique, which involves tapping on certain points of the body, related to the Physical, Emotional, or Mental health condition. By saying out the words around the problem, and tapping these points at the same time, it has been proven to release even the most stubborn conditions, such as Chronic Pain, Anxiety,  Addictions, Depression, PTSD, BiPolar, Cravings, and Emotional blocks. EFT is useful for persistent problems that developed in teenage years or adulthood and are not rooted in early childhood experiences.


I am a skeptical person by nature, does it really work?

EFT tapping therapy or Rapid Response therapy (RRT) is scientifically proven to relieve Physical, Mental, or emotional conditions, and its therapeutic benefits are recognized by medical organizations in the USA and in the UK NHS.


But how is “Tapping” going to help me?

To prove the mind/body connection, one only has to think about the one person in the world they have the most attractive to. Think about them long enough and one can certainly experience “physical reactions” to these mental thoughts. Well to put it simply, any negative physical or life condition you are presenting with, almost certainly has its roots in your thought patterns. My aim will be to discover the root cause of your condition in your thinking, and remove it with the assistance of tapping on the body’s meridian points, whilst saying out the negative condition you are experiencing. The majority of my clients experience rapid results in as little as one session.


How can you say, results can happen in as little as one session?

Conventional medical treatments and talking therapies, primarily deal with the symptom presented and not the root cause. Often patients are prescribed medications for the symptoms or spend thousands of pounds talking about the problem with a therapist or psychologist, without actually dealing with the root cause, which is harbored in our Sub Conscious minds. So until we deal with the root cause of the problem, the symptom will continue to present itself.


So tell me more about Rapid response therapy that you are offering on your website?

The RRT method uses solid detective work and  EFT methods and is honed and tailored to your individual needs. The session will focus on discovering the root cause of the presented issue.  I will ask you to explain when you believe the condition started, how it started and how is negatively affecting your life today. With some very good detective work on my part, we will discover the root cause of your condition, and with the use of EFT and other therapeutic techniques, including tapping, we will remove the condition from your sub-conscious mind and body for good.


What is your success rate?

I have a 98% Success rate. I am very confident that I will be able to help you access the root cause of your issue. Should you not experience a shift in your condition after our first session, What Sort of conditions have you had the most success treating?

I have helped clients with a wide range of Physical, Emotional, and Mental health issues, such as Addictions, Anxiety, Trauma, BiPolar, Eating Disorders, Alcoholism, Chronic Pain, IBS, Chronic Fatigue, Fears, Phobias, and Arthritis, as well as Lifestyle issues such as Relationship, Career, Money, Business, Smoking cessation, and Weight Loss/Weight Gain issues.

I have some more questions I would like to ask you, how can I do this?

All clients are entitled to a free 30-minute clarity call, where any fears, questions, or concerns may be discussed. Alternatively, drop me an email