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About Me

I have a longstanding background in the helping profession starting with a professional qualification in Social Work (Mental Health) and a Masters Degree in Professional Education and Training.


Additionally I am an Award Winning and Accredited Master Life Coach, Trained Practicing Therapist, NLP Practitioner, Master Reiki Healer and Qualified Yoga Teacher.  On an authentic level I would describe myself as a multi-dimensional healing coach and spiritual teacher, for it is my ‘souls purpose’ to spread love and wisdom.  I have been spiritually attuned for as long as I can remember starting meditation and divination at a young age, this has all eventually led to the birth of my business ‘The Centre for Mindfulness’ which followed a significant period of spiritual awakening.  Essentially I am passionate about 3 core aspects, spirituality, healing and mindfulness. Coaching has provided the perfect platform for me to share this unique multi-modal course that is designed to work at high vibrational level for healing, well-being and fulfillment.


What is Mindfulness Life Coaching

MLC works from the inside out, it encourages, deep learning, self-awareness, healing and personal responsibility for creating new ways of being, releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs and reshaping the present moment for moving forward with ease and confidence.  The approach is multi sensory and integrates a number of ancient healing modalities with a prominent focus on mind, body and spirit for illuminating your authentic self and your super-conscious mind.  The entire process is about working with different states of consciousness in a gentle yet profoundly effective way to create the life that you want, bringing wholeness and transformation.

Becoming a Mindfulness Life Coach

This unique skills based and experiential course offers a ‘Diploma in Mindfulness Life Coaching ‘ a professional vocational course, accredited by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (IAPC&M)

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to work at a practitioner level as an Independent Life Coach and/or specialist Mindfulness Life Coach. Offering a dual qualification in Traditional Life Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching.

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