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Relationships & Confidence Life Coaching


I help people who with to work on the areas of relationships at work or for their personal lives. I’m a huge believe that good communication is very important for successful relationships. It could be that you require coaching or just to have someone to talk to. Whatever you are looking for, I can offer you a safe and confidential space to explore your thoughts, feelings and actions.


We all have bad habits in our communications with other people. Working with me, you will learn the skills necessary to create good communication in all of your relationships. I can help you better manage the stress and anxiety that you feel, helping you to become an actor rather than a reactor.

Confidence Life Coaching

confidence life coaching

Confidence building is another area I offer clients help with. Confidence is key, to living a happy and successful life, having that ability to hold your head high, recognise your unique talents and abilities and go after what it is, that you truly desire. Anyone can become confident, it’s all about changing ones mindset, with me I will help you achieve greater confidence in all areas of your life.

Happy Children Life Coaching

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I am the mother of a young daughter, I have experienced the joys of raising a young child, I have also faced the stress and strain of raising a child in today’s hectic world. If you are a mother who is trying to make moves in your career, or be a better mother, more available, I can help you discipline and encourage your child effectively. I will assist you in finding the right nanny with the right qualities and qualifications to help care for your children. We will also look at new ways of helping your family become more healthy and fulfilled through ‘conscious parenting’


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