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Are you ready to step up and claim your Birthright?

Imagine what you could achieve if you felt more confident and less confused. What choices would you make about your life?

I help people who are at a crossroads in life find their purpose and fulfil their true potential. With me by your side ‘What comes next?’ is no longer a source of anxiety.







Take ownership of your choices!

Proactively seek opportunities for your own happiness and advancement!

Build the courage to overhaul your life!

Today, I am thrilled and satisfied with my life because it is the product of my own choices. I want that you feel the same.

It was not easy; let’s be clear. I experienced the fear of moving from banking to IT and healthcare; redundancy from a very high paid job, because of Brexit; the excitement/anxiety to restart, moving from Italy, to Austria and eventually to the UK.

It could be concerning if your economic security were under threat. It could be unsettling if you felt disconnected, isolated, and like you don’t belong.

In particular, to my clients living abroad, I highlight that living abroad isn’t always easy. Especially now, thinking of this Christmas, travel restrictions, COVID and Brexit.

I hear you – your current situation is complicated- I know. But you can do something about it. We can.

I work with you to understand what’s holding you back. Together we address the niggling self-doubts that are sabotaging you. We get clear on your goals and priorities so that you will embrace the changes enabling a most fulfilling life.

This leaves you full of confidence, purpose and in total control of your journey. If you would like to discover more, simply fill out the form below for your free 30 minute Zoom Consultation


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