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Addiction, the repetitive behaviour cycles which lead to pain and misery. That feeling of having a hole in ones soul, that no amount of Food, Alcohol, Money, Love, Sex, can fill.

Core Addiction life Coaching Areas:

Drugs, Prescription drugs, Alcohol, Food, Sex, Money, Workaholic, Eating disorders, Anger, Control, Love, Fantasy, Sex/Intimacy avoidance, Co-dependence, gaming, gambling, Drama, shopping, Smoking.

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Behind much of our addictions lies early childhood trauma. Perhaps we grew up in a home where substance or alcohol abuse was used as a way to deal with distressing emotions, or perhaps we experienced a bad break up or loss in our later life. When we reached outside ourselves to fill the emptiness we feel inside, we often found that the relief experienced was only temporary, leaving us feeling hopeless and deflated.

Our work together will involve investigation work, identification of the addictive source.  Rapid response therapy (RRT)  will be introduced which is a revolutionary mix of EFT tapping therapy & highly effective Hypnotic variables. Clients of mine have reported a complete removal of the underlying source of their addictions, often resulting in happier, healthier and more spiritually centred lives.

Rapid Response Therapy (RRT) session will help you:

  • Overcome addictions and negative life patterns
  • Fill that void and emptiness inside with love and acceptance
  • Halt damaging addictive patterns and behaviours
  • Lead a more spiritually centered life
  • Access outside treatment or counselling services you might require, such as a rehab centre or 12 step meetings.
  • Reduce the need to “act out” on negative feelings.

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It has been said that nothing outside of you, can fix you, the only person who has the power to fix you is yourself. For inside each of us is a person, a spirit, who is craving our own love, our own acceptance, our own approval, nobody can give this to us, but ourselves. That partner, that job promotion, that approval from achieving the highest sales is short-lived and will only go so far. Self Love and approval comes from within, and once you crack this, your external world will mirror your inner radiance and self confidence.

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