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Welcome to Chief Awakening – Life Coaching London. My name is David Loughlin, life coach for people who are looking to trail blaze their way to success. We help creatives and entrepreneurs maximise their achievements with our quality life coaching packages. Harnessing expert industry wisdom and with a nack for spotting personal road blocks, our industry packages can help you achieve greater success, meaning and establishment in your chosen field.

Success, happiness and love are all birthrights afforded to us by an abundant and plentiful universe. From a young age however, we learned to listen to the fearful adults around us who projected their insecurities and trauma on to us. From a juvenile age, our brains are not fully formed, are sponge-like in their ability to absorb what they are told. Working with a Chief Awakening Coach, you will be guided to uncover these limiting and negative beliefs which are hindering  success and blocking you off from a life you were intended to live.
I started this work having worked as an actor and entrepreneur, and found my self sabotaging and victim mentality learnt in childhood, significanly contributed to what one could call a “loser” mentality, where success was short lived and sabotaged through the lense of limiting and destructive belief patterns. It was second nature for me to live in a scapegoated role, which was far from the reality of my being! on the flip side I learnt not only was I worthy of the very best love and life had to offer, I also learned I had incredible gifts and talents which I would later use to help people overcome the problems and obstacles people were facing. We are never alone, for everyone is going through something!
I work with Entrepreneurs, Actors and generally anyone creatively minded, and help those working my programme to achieve anything they have their eyes set upon. Working with your higher power, we place before you a programme that can transform your life from  negative to positive, hateful to loving and failure to success. These are the ingridients of the coaching mastery plan we have created that help success come to fruition.
If you are looking to discover more, a simple FREE clarity call, can help you discover how and what can be achieved with the help of my coaching systems.


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David Loughlin – BBS Hons, Dip NLP, EFT