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David Loughlin Life Coach

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 “offers great healing benefits.” – Deepak Chopra MD

Master EFT Tapping Practitioner, Reiki Healer, Counsellor & Life Coach

My name is David Loughlin. I’m your Tapping Master and deviser of the Booster Technique,  I’m inviting you to experience a revolutionary and trans-formative EFT Tapping formula, which can help you overcome Physical, Mental and Emotional stumbling blocks in your life

A serial entrepreneur and certificated business and Life coach. I’m a qualified practitioner in advanced NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) EFT (Emotional freedom technique) therapies. I attended the Dunlaoghaire institute of technology where I graduated first class honour in Business entrepreneurship. I am also a qualified Reiki practitioner.

“Love yourself and tap Happy..” – Louise Hay

My Story

After reaching rock bottom in my personal and business life because of illness, which doctor after doctor failed to treat, I stumbled upon EFT Tapping Therapy, and quickly discovered that many of the Physical, Mental and Emotional challenges I was experiencing were rooted in Early Childhood Trauma and negative beliefs which had held onto right into my adulthood. These negative beliefs and messages had manifested themselves in a wide variety of ailments. My confidence and Self Esteem was on the floor, and it felt like I couldn’t go on. With the help of Emotional freedom technique tapping therapy, I discovered and released much of the emotion behind my problems and rapidly transformed every area of my life, and the health conditions evaporated right back in to the nothingness from whence they came.

 “EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century” – Cheryl Richardson

The Booster© Technique

I have honed and developed the Booster© technique to rapidly access and eliminate the root cause of your Mental, Physical and Emotional condition. Whether you are presenting with Poor Physical or Mental health, or perhaps your emotions are just all over the place, you will find most of your problems are simply manifestations of the inner wounded child, who still believes the outdated and hurt beliefs and messages they experienced as a child. This is the hurt child who whispers to you daily, creating havoc in your physical, mental and emotional health. Through EFT Tapping therapy and some very good detective work, we will work together in our 1-2-1 session to source, eliminate and replace with healthy beliefs and messages which are aligned with Good health and life experiences. So find inner peace and flow with our Boster EFT Tapping sessions in London