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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

 EFT Tapping Therapy London

Emotional Freedom Technique – Mind & Body Detox

Chief Awakening offers revolutionary, EFT tapping Therapy and Wellness in the heart of South Kensington, London. My Emotional freedom techniques are professionally designed to help you overcome persistent mind, body and life problems, avoiding months of sometimes expensive therapy. I have helped many different types of people overcome chronic problems related to health, happiness and well being that are often beyond the treatment scope of medical professionals.

Persistent Life Problems Resolved

Many of our mind and body problems stem from events that occurring in our formative years as Children. These early-childhood events get stored in the mind and body well into adulthood and, often manifest in Physical and Mental ailments and diseases. I have helped a wide cross section of society overcome and often eliminate Chronic Pain, Eating disorders, Addictions, Negative life patterns, sexuality and Intimacy issues, Trauma and PTSD, Anxiety, depression, OCD and relationship difficulties.

How Does EFT Work?

EFT works by tapping on different points of the body corresponding to negative life situations  these are known as meridian points. The process of transformation occurs, when the emotions associated with the presented disease or problem, become released and removed from the body. What often follows as a result is a complete removal of the negative issue or at the very least its hold over your life. These pain-free EFT sessions will overhaul outdated belief systems and thinking patterns, often resulting in transformational changes in your life experience.



EFT Practitioner London – EFT

Rarely have I come across an Emotional freedom technique with such swift, transformative effects. The benefits of Chief Awakening’s teachings ripple outwards and seem not only to improve my business efficacy but also that of those with whom I come into contact. I usually hesitate to use superlatives, but Chief Awakening really does merit them. This is a technique with quantifiable results and better still, results that come quickly. There’s no waiting around, worrying if you’ve made the right decision -you’re in competent hands here. I can move forward with renewed confidence now and no longer feel held back by excessive caution and fear in my life

Charles Donavan

Journalist, Sunday Times

1-2-1 EFT therapy sessions London

Our Signature breakthrough booster sessions are specifically designed to help you achieve whatever you desire from your life. I firmly believe, the universe is abundant! it's not that there isn't enough love, Money or happiness in this world, but it is our beliefs from the past, about those areas that are blocking it's flow to your life experience.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

In our intimate booster sessions, utilising the Breakthrough booster tapping technique, both you and I will be able to rapidly travel back to where this belief started in childhood, remove it and replace it with a much more empowering belief, in line with what you desire for your life, so that you may;

  • Attract a loving relationship
  • Overcome trauma
  • Manifest More Money
  • Make a Career Change
  • Overcome Fear
  • Find Recovery from Addictions
  • Create more happiness

EFT in the workplace

Discover remarkably how childhood events are negatively impacting your business success with our rapid transformational Breakthrough Booster sessions. Transcend all the Brexit noise and static. Shake off harmful ideas that have been undermining you. Cultivate the perfect bedrock for success to take root, grow and flourish.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Overcome Brexit Fear and anxiety
  • Spot New areas for business growth
  • Become a more confident public speaker
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Embrace corporate change
  • Create New Revenue Streams and cash cows


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Trauma therapy - eft

Overcome Trauma with EFT, Healthy and Therapeutic

Career success - EFT

Stuck in your career? want to make a change? Make changes with EFT support

healthy Relationship - EFT

Unhealthy relationships, Negative relationship patterns, relationship blocks

Overcome Addictions - EFT

Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, Eating disorders, Shopping, abuse addictions

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Fears and phobias - EFT

Fear of flying, insects, crowds, rodents, phobias

Financial abundance - EFT

Financial abundance, Money mis-management, debt, Money fears

Career success - EFT

Career change, Career fears

EFT in the Workplace

life success - eft

Experience greater success with Emotional freedom technique