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The UK’s finest Clairvoyant and psychic reader based in London

Welcome to Chief Awakening, I’m David Loughlin, Clairvoyant, psychic and metaphysical healer. I offer private readings on a one to one or group basis in Nine Elms, or at your home. I consider myself to possess Telepathic and Supernatural abilities, with direct contact with spirit guides and the deceased, that is your loved ones. Unlike conventional psychics I operate differently, in that I do not use tarot cards, instead I opt for electronic avenues such as TV channels, Nature signs and direct communication with a deceased loved one of yours or angel/spirit guide. I am able to assist in areas of Love, Relationships, Money, Career as well as passing on requested messages as a psychic medium, from your deceased or spirit guides, to help you clear confusion, anxiety, worry, stress and live a more guided and fulfilling life. I am a natural detective at heart so I enjoy getting to the nub of issues, reaching areas of your life, where your greatest confusion lies, this could manifest for you in questions requiring intelligence such as missing person, failed life opportunities or missing items. I consider myself to possess a razor sharp intuition, which combined with sixth senses can produce wonderful and often mind blowing results.

Psychic life coaching London

Life coaching London is available through chief awakening. Differing from any other life coach you might find, my unique selling Niche adapts psychic spirit and angel guides which are personal to you, to guide you on your quest for a trail blazing career or romantic love life. The mix consists of conventional life coaching from a qualified professional, drawing from psychic readings especially in areas like career. Together we will clear the confusion, procrastination and Fear holding you back from a life of fulfilment and joy. For many years, I remained stuck, knowing there was something else I had to supersede other “life coaches” in the health and wellbeing arena. Access to your guardian angels or other spiritual guides can hide hidden treasures and clues, to assist you in making informed decisions and actions towards success, that feel right to you at your core. I am qualified life coach, reiki practitioner and EFT (Emotional freedom tapping therapist) My service is available to superstitious persons as well as true believers, I adapt to your personal circumstances to ensure we are working as one, forging on a journey of discovery, healing and success.

Physical, Mental and Emotional healing

Finally the area I can really assist is in the area of physical, emotional and mental health. As a trained reiki practitioner with teleport gifts, my healing hands can pass through the body and provide healing energy to chakras, tumours, early onset and dementia suffers could also benefit from this form of new age healing, as well as persons suffering from any other physical, mental or emotional diseases and disorders. Calling on past spiritual healers as well as universal energy to assist my mediumship healing hands. Transporting and transcending physical, mental and emotional blocks to provide healing energy, often producing extraordinary results. This universally aligned treatment compliments perfectly any conventional treatment you may be having with your doctor or NHS practitioner,

Psychic Reading

New age psychic reading using electronic tarot card method. Discover hidden treasures in the areas of Love, Finance, Career and contact with your spirit guide or conventional know how.

Mediumship Reading

Mediumship, the practise of communication with the deceased via the medium/Ether. Looking for guidance, answers or intelligence, click to discover more

Clairvoyant Reading

Conventional life coaching with help from spirit guides personal to you. Discover hidden treasures and guidance to put you on the right path.

Paranormal Reading

Reading from the paranormal, where Potter and Bond conjoin. Click for more info

Gay Life Coaching

Live your best Gay Life with one to one gay life  coaching. Overcome Sex/Sexuality issues, Coming out, finding a loving relationship.  These one to one sessions will give you the tools to love and accept yourself and others.

Confidence Coaching

Low confidence, self-esteem, Low self-worth? Discover your inner hero with our Confidence Life coaching programmes.