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Hello! and a very warm welcome to Chief Awakening! The UK’s number one life coaches hub. Here you will find a list of the best London life coaching. All the coaches you see listed on our website have undergone hundreds of hours coaching people just like you to achieve greater happiness and success in every area of their lives. So whether you have come here to change your career, find a new healthy loving relationship, or to fix a problem, that no person, no priest, or pharmacy has helped you overcome, well my dear one you are in the right place!


Transformational life coaching program!


At Chief Awakening, we work differently from all of the other life coaches in London, we have a unique way of working that sets us apart from everyone else. Whilst most life coaches work on the external world ie money, property, and prestige using complicated charts they learned at Coaching College, we here at Chief Awakening believe the answer to every problem you are ever going to have or had, starts from within you! The universe which created us is still with us at this very moment, our job here is to help you access this internal fountain of wisdom and knowledge, stored behind the fear, the trauma, the anxiety. We work with you, from the inside out.


Profound and irreversible healing


We offer a Transformational, life-changing program, which begins at the head, travels to the heart, and finishes with the soul. On this transformational, soul surgery program, you will be taken on a 10 module journey, that will completely overhaul the way that you think, the way that you feel, and what actions you take towards obtaining your life goals. By connecting with your inner child and healing those unhealed wounds, you will be guided by your personal life coach, every step of the way. You will come to meet your healing force, or your higher power, a force that will guide you towards a profound and tangible life-changing experience.


Heroes Transformation Program


Each Life Coach in London has completed the 10 module program and has been specially trained to take clients just like you through a majestic journey from fear to love. Have you got a problem in your life that no amount of medicine, religion, or psychiatry has helped you overcome? Have you reached outside of yourself in Food, drugs, sex, or money to fill that void you feel inside? Have you been driven insane in your attempts to fix or overcome your problem? That is because most of the problems are soul related, you see due to that crap in your past, ruptures in the soul have been formed, think of it as car damage, it needs a spiritual solution and that solution can be found in our 10 module, Heroes transformation program.


The first three modules are absolutely free to try with Zero obligation, Contact us to arrange a free clarity call.

Career Coaching

Stuck in a job you hate? want to find a career which lights you up. Work with a Career life coach to create a life changing career!

Success Coaching

Feeling like a failure/Not good enough. Bin those limiting beliefs with our Success Life Coaching programmes.

Recovery Coaching

Life Coaching for Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Shopping, Gambling. Working with recovery coaching, you will discover the tools and techniques to help you overcome your addictions and break free.

Relationship Coaching

Transform your relationships, attract a loving healthy relationship with our relationship coaching programmes

Gay Life Coaching

Live your best Gay Life with one to one gay life  coaching. Overcome Sex/Sexuality issues, Coming out, finding a loving relationship.  These one to one sessions will give you the tools to love and accept yourself and others.

Confidence Coaching

Low confidence, self-esteem, Low self-worth? Discover your inner hero with our Confidence Life coaching programmes.