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Welcome to Life Coaching London – Chief Awakening! Would you like to achieve BREAKTHROUGHS in your Love-Life, Career, Health, Body, Finances or relationships?  Would you like to feel more happy, fulfilled and successful?Help is available from our health and wellbeing Life Coaches. All  coaches you see listed on this site are experts in their chosen fields and can help you finally Claim The happiness and fulfilment, THAT IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

Sick and tired Of?

Not feeling Good enough, playing small

Anxiety, Depression, Panic attacks

Unhealthy relationship patterns, lack of love and intimacy

Never having the money you want

Stuck in a job you hate

Feeling like you are going nowhere

Low Self esteem, Confidence & Self Love

Stressed out

 Transformation Life Coaching for:

Self Love

Loving relationships

Recovery from addictions, overeating, over drinking, over thinking

Confidence & happiness

Healing the past

Discovering talents you never thought you had

Spiritually centred life

Career  path that lights you up!


I have tried many therapies in my time, RRT is by far the most effective and life transforming technique I have ever experienced. I came to David with a whole host of physical and mental problems, I was in Chronic pain. My relationships and career had deteriorated greatly and with doctors only treating my symptoms with pain relief medication,  I was at my wits end,  life had become unbearable.  I stumbled upon Chief Awakening online, and I decided to give it a try. I discovered that most of my problems stemmed from false beliefs developed in childhood, that unbearable pain in my knee, dissolved when I dealt with the trauma of a childhood accident where I had learned to “hate my knee” My relationships quickly improved also, when I dealt with the abandonment issues of my childhood. David you are wonderful! I am so grateful for all that you have helped me with. Highly recommended 

Jessica Robinson

Bank Manager

Career Life Coaching

Stuck in a job you hate? want to find a career which lights you up. Work with our Career Life Coaching to create a life changing career!

I came to David with Alcohol and Drug dependency issues. He helped me regain my confidence and get sober.  I am very grateful. Don't think just give it a go!

Michael Peters


Success Life Coaching

Feeling like a failure/Not good enough. Bin those limiting beliefs with our Success Life Coaching programmes.

Addictions Life Coaching

Life Coaching for Food, Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Shopping, Gambling. Working with recovery  life coaching, you will discover the tools and techniques to help you overcome your addictions and break free.

Wow! Just came off of my first session with David and was not expecting that one bit. In looking to open a new level of myself in awareness. I thought it was worth trying it out. I really can’t even explain in words the level of understanding in myself that I have just discovered. I can see so clearly the whats and the whys of my decision making and the ability to change that seems now all of a sudden so doable. David is direct, whether you want him to or not he will break you down into pieces and picks up on absolutely everything. Sounds scary I know but it needs to happen. He is a true master and a really nice guy. I would really highly recommend anyone to speak with him. Thanks a million. Tom

Tom Young


Transformation Programme

SuperSoul Serenity, Inside-Out, Transformation life coaching programme. 12 modules. Try For Free!

Relationship Life Coaching

Transform your relationships, attract a loving healthy relationship with our relationship life coaching programmes


Live your best Gay Life with one to one life coaching. Overcome Sex/Sexuality issues, Coming out, finding a loving relationship.  These one to one sessions will give you the tools to love and accept yourself and others.

Confidence Life Coaching

Low confidence, self esteem, Low self worth? Discover your inner hero with our Confidence Life coaching programmes.